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                   "Behold, I Will Do A New Thing"


 Rev. William L. Watts   Rev. Joseph B. Spann  Rev. James  Butts


                                    Rev. Dr. William Harrison


The Second Union Baptist Church was organized in February 1951 by the Late Reverend William Lloyd Watts. Reverend Watts possessed a zeal for the Lord that was more pronounced than the ordinary man. He was one of the sons of Salem Baptist Church of Washington, D.C. He was ordained at the tender age of twenty-four. Reverend Watts pastored many churches in Virginia to include St. Stephens Baptist Church, Little Forest Baptist Church, and Good Hope Baptist Church. His many years in the ministry were very fruitful.

Reverend Watts gave up the churches in Virginia and navigated his ship toward Northward, dropping anchor in Washington, D.C. where he disembarked. A few months later, Rev. Watts received a phone call from a very dear friend, Mrs. Gatewood, who wanted him to conduct a Revival Service for one month in memory of the Late Rev. Gatewood. He readily consented.

The Revival was held in a little room on 4th Street, N.W. with only four people the first night, Rev. William Watts, Sister Julia Watts, Deacon Moses Watts, and Sister Bernice Watts. By the third night, the room was filled to capacity, and every night afterwards. The meeting was a soul stirring, spiritual success.

One evening, Rev. Watts received a telephone call from his friend, Reverend R.E. Cabbell, who told him that he had a dream that Rev. Watts was pastoring a church in Washington, D.C. This was quite inspiring to Rev. Watts because he had request from a number of candidates who wanted to be Baptized. They also, requested him to become their pastor. The success of the Revival and the pastoral request made Rev. Watts realize that this was the Master’s desire for him. Thus, this was the beginning of Second Union Baptist Church.

Second Union remained on 4th Street, N.W. for several months until the little room begin to overflow. Our Pastor, with one Ordained Deacon, Deacon Moses Watts, set out to look for a larger place. After a few weeks, they ended the search. SUBC moved to 1628 11th Street, N.W. and remained there for two years.

During those two years, Rev. Watts baptized, trained, and ordained five additional Deacons: Robert Watts, Joseph Richards, Leo Toliver, Theodore Muse and Herbert Payton (the first Superintendent of Sunday School), and one Trustee: Brother Joseph Maiden.

Sister Shirley Watts become the First Church Clerk. The Usher Board was organized with Deaconess Pearl Payton as President. The Senior Chorus was organized with Sister Delores Thompson as the Directress and Sister Bettie Carter as pianist.

A rent increase occurred three times which caused the members to become very unhappy. So, Pastor Watts and the Officers had a meeting and decided to search for a suitable place to purchase. Second Union needed a permanent home. In 1954, a new home was located at 1201 N. Street, N.W., and purchased. The first most fitting words were those of Deacon Moses Watts; “This Is the Place.”

The building was renovated so, it would have a suitable sanctuary for Service of the Lord. Over the years, the sanctuary was remodeled as needed with new doors, pulpit furniture, pews, the kitchen remolded, dining area, and Pastor’s Study. The Church had a growing building fund and 18 active Auxiliaries.

Through the years, several Deacons and Deaconess were trained and ordained to make-up the Joint Board. In 1962, a Gospel Chorus was organized by Deacon Moses Watts, Sister Nancy Watts, and Deacon Robert Watts. The group ended when the pianist left for another church. Many members have come and gone. Some to other churches, some from whence they came, and some to that house not made with hands. The greatest void of all occurred when our Pastor and Organizer, Rev. William Lloyd Watts passed on August 10, 1974. At the time of his passing, the building at 1201 N. Street, N.W. was “Paid in Full.” A growing New Church Fund had been instituted solely, for the purpose of acquiring a new church. Rev. Watts also, pastored New Monrovia Baptist Church in Colonial Beach, Virginia which was his Home church.

 In Remembrance of our late Pastor and Organizer: Reverend William Lloyd Watts

“I have planted, Apollo’s watered; but God gave the increase. So, then neither is he that planteth anything, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase. Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one, and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour. For we are co-labourers together with God. (1Corinthians 3:6-9)

The Reverend William Wright, who assisted Reverend Watts for several years, worked faithfully with the Officers and church members during the bereavement. The Moses of Second Union was gone, and a Joshua had to be found.

Brother Norman Watts was the Church Clerk. He was appointed as Moderator by the Official Board. A Pulpit Committee was formed. The members were Sister Gloria Burks, Chairperson, Deacon Grady Wilson, Deacon Moses Watts, Sister Etta Harley, Sister Lillie Marshburn, Sister Elizabeth Macombson, Sister Eva Campbell, and Brother Richard Watts. After a number of interviews and meetings, a man of God was sent to Second Union. On February 4, 1977, Reverend Joseph B. Spann of Washington, D.C. became the Second Pastor of Second Union Baptist Church.

Rev. Joseph B. Spann “picked up the staff and continued watch over the restless sheep as Joshua did when the Lord’s servant, Moses, was called home to rest.” He was a gentle, kind, loving man of God. A man of integrity, a man of peace, faith, and wisdom who possessed God’s gift to preach and teach.

Rev. Spann’s twenty-three year Administration was filled with numerous opportunities and many spiritual victories. Under Rev. Spann’s training, Brother Norman Watts was ordained as a Deacon on November 27, 1977. Also, on July 19, 1980, a son was born to Second Union when Reverend Clifton Mock was ordained.

The Second Union family with zeal for a better Temple for our Lord, set sail for a new port. On February 19, 1984, Second Union moved into its new home at 1107 Delaware Avenue, S.W. The move culminated in a grand motorcade to the new church home. We marched in singing, “We’ve Come This Far by Faith.” This was the beginning of a glorious day of worship with a packed audience of friends, family, and members alike, all celebrating the victory with us. Our Pastor, in joy, cried out, “It’s amazing how the Lord Provides.”

Through the Guidance and Leadership of Our Pastor Rev. Joseph B. Spann: 147 new members came into the sheep fold thru Baptism, Christian Experience, and Reinstatements. There were 15 active auxiliaries. Renovations included roof repair, painting the sanctuary, new carpeting, installed stained glass windows, cushions for the pews, refinished pews, new stove and refrigerator for dining area, new hymnals, bibles, beautiful gold candles and a new bible holder for the Communion Table, and the Pastor’s study.

The most glorious blessing of all was the burning of the Mortgage on Sunday, February 15, 1987. The event was presided over by Rev. Fleet, who was the M.C. The sermon was given by Rev. Maxwell Washington. His congregation was also, present.

In 1988, the dining areas was renovated. A typewriter and file cabinet were purchased. Second Union was continuously thanking God for its many blessings. Our goal was to build a better Temple for our Lord, and in the words of our Pastor, “This is not the Promised Land, we just stepped out of the wilderness.”

On December 31, 1987, one of the pillars of Second Union passed, Deacon Moses Watts who was Chairman of the Deacon Board. He boarded the Heavenly, Bound Train and went home to rest. On September 1, 1988, one of the sons of Second Union passed, Rev. Clifton Mock. He left his footprints in the Sands of Time here at Second Union. May he “Live in Peace, and the God of love and peace and joy be with him.”

On Saturday, March 7, 1992, Second Union celebrated its First Church Anniversary Banquet at the Days Inn located 2700 New York Avenue, N.E. The occasion was a beautiful success and the lord really blessed us.

Pastor Spann brought Second Union Baptist Church to the beginning of the year 2000. However, because of declining health, Pastor Spann retired in May 2000 to become Pastor Emeritus of Second Union until he entered glory on August 19, 2005.

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2

The Lord sent Reverend James Butts to Second Union to be a Joshua (helper) to Pastor Spann. He became the Church’s Assistant Pastor in February 2000 by unanimous vote. Pastor Spann saw the Lord working through Reverend Butts and how our Church was growing spiritually and in membership. During a Church meeting the month of May 2000, Pastor Spann recommended that Reverend James Butts become Pastor of Second Union Baptist Church. The members vote was unanimous.

Pastor Butts recognized that there was much work to be done at Second Union. Hence, he originated our Church Theme: “So Much to Do, So Little Done.” With the help of our Lord and Savior and involvement of members, we accomplished the following under the Pastor’s leadership:


Second Union served as a food distribution point for the Share Program. Each month members of the congregation purchased one or more Share packages to be distributed to needy families in the community as well as the Church. The need increased each month and we recognized there is a growing need.

Every third Saturday of the month Second Union gives away free produce, in cooperation with the Washington Area Gleaners. Church members and Community were welcome to pick up free produce.

Second Union sponsored a Clothes Giveaway & Puppet Show for the community. Members of our Church willingly donated clothes for the needy. The Lord blessed us with good participation and success. The Clothes Giveaway is an annual event which takes place in the late Spring or Summer.

Each month Second Union delivered small kits containing personal toiletries to residents of Randall Homeless Shelter. The members of our congregation contributed items for the kits. The Deacons of Second Union held Bible Study at Randall Shelter every Tuesday at 4 p.m. until they closed the shelter in the fall of 2004. In the summer of 2001, Second Union, together with Teen Challenge, held their first outside community Worship Service. The Service was open to everyone in the Community. It was a great success and a blessing for everyone.

Second Union is on call, as needed for assistance for “My Father’s House” a home for unwed mothers. The church also, established a Hair Cutting Ministry that’s open to everyone in the Community every other Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. and the 4th Saturday after the Men’s Fellowship. Brother Jonathan Cooper donates his time and effort to this Ministry at no charge.

                          BIBLE STUDY AND PRAYER BAND MINISTRY

Second Union established an Outreach Ministry at Stoddard Baptist Home for the purpose of fellowshipping and ministering to the residents one Sunday of each month; Worship Services begin at 9:30 A.M. followed by Sunday School. A Devotional is conducted at 10:45 A.M., and Regular Service at 11:00 AM.

Second Union has an active and growing Bible Study and Prayer Band Ministry every Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. is the study. The Weekly Prayer Service is held every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon. It is led by the Prayer Band Ministry. Second Union has a Senior Bible Study with seniors at the Greenleaf Senior Building every Wednesday at 3:30 PM.

The Deacons and Deaconess unite in Prayer on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 8:30 A.M. for the purpose of Prayer Fellowship, Testimonies, and Breakfast.

Second Union established a Youth Bible Study Group.

                                       CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MINISTRY

Our Pastor established a Leadership Development Training Course and a New Member’s Development Training Class. Both courses serve to educate our members in understanding the background of the Baptist Church and our responsibilities to the Church. We also, have Training Classes for Deacons, Deaconess, and Trustees.

Second Union has established a Women’s Ministry, to address issues that women are concerned about. They have monthly fellowship gatherings to learn about Women of the Bible. Also, the Women’s Ministry fellowship together once every three months.

The church also, established a Men’s Ministry. The men on occasion have been known to walk the streets of the community witnessing to everyone in need and spreading the Word. The Men distribute information to the community about Town Meetings, Community functions, and any events in which the community may become involved.

We have organized a Youth Sunday School Group, the Youth learn about the word of God and arts, and craft skills. In the summer of 2001, Second Union started a Summer Vacation Bible School that usually met for one week.

                                              YOUTH MINISTRY

Second Union has established a Youth Ministry. Our Youth is reserved for the First Sunday of every month to lead the Devotional and Worship Service. The Youth had a wonderful Husband and Wife team to work with them. The Church sponsors fellowship outings to skating rinks, bowling alleys, amusement parks, Broadway and Gospel Plays, cookouts and other planned activities for the Youth. Minister Jerome Williams and his wife also, lead and conduct our Youth Bible Study Groups.


                                         SECURITY MINISTRY

We have installed a Security Alarm System. In addition, we also installed sensor lights on the front of the entrance on each side of the Church. The Church also, had a security officer.

                                     VIDEO & AUDIO MINISTRY

A Video and Audio Ministry has been established to record worship and fellowship services.

                                       NURSES MINISTRY

We established a Nurses Ministry, on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The Nurse’s Ministry has a station set up to monitor and check member’s blood pressure and pulse during Morning Worship Service. Medical information is kept in a confidential file.

                                           PRAISE MINISTRY

We established “Moments of Praise” during our regular Morning Worship Service. We also, have a wonderful Liturgical Dance Ministry organized and lead by Sister Yummy Tyler.

                                        PUBLIC RELATIONS

Second Union Baptist Church has established a monthly newsletter called “The Sun” which educates the members on what is happening around the Church and the Community.


Under the Leadership of Pastor Butts our Deacons and Deaconess after completing training classes, were ordained and received a Certification of Document stating that they are Officials of The Second Union Baptist Church. Pastor Butts’ leadership also, led to the ordination of two Associate Ministers, Reverend William Harrison and Reverend Maxine Johnson. These events were a first for Second Union.

In November of 2002, Second Union Baptist Church had a Service of Investiture to Honor Pastor Butts to acknowledges his Degree of Divinity. Pastor Butts became “the Reverend Doctor” James Butts.

In March and April 2003, Second Union Baptist Church had one of its Deacons and one of its Deaconess to answer God’s call to the Ministry. They became Associate Ministers, Jerome Williams and Virginia Valentine.

Second Union Baptist Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary of the Church and the Pastor’s 1st Anniversary on Sunday, March 18, 2001 at the Bolling Air Force Base.

Second Union Baptist Church celebrated its First Ecumenical Worship Service. The Joint Palm Sunday Worship Service processed with Palms down streets of the community on Sunday, April 8, 2001. The Procession included members from three Churches: Christ United Methodist Church, Second Union Baptist Church, and St. Matthews Lutheran Church.

Second Union Baptist Church has growing membership. But nothing can out number, the amount of Love, Knowledge, Teaching and Preaching we have accumulated since we have been under Pastor Butts’ Leadership.

Reverend Dr. James Butts was removed from his flock suddenly after only six short years of love, guidance, and leadership. On June 1, 2006, He was called from his earthly labors to receive his Heavenly rewards.


On Thursday, June 1, 2006, Deacon Earl Nolton, Chairman of the Deacon Board was appointed to oversee the Spiritual part of the church until a Pastor was elected to Second Union. Deacon Nolton stepped up to the plate and coordinated church functions along with the Deacon Board, Reverend Harrison and Reverend Anderson

God in His infinite wisdom gave us help and tenacity to deal with the situation. When meeting with the Deacons, we discussed what was needed to sustain the progress of the church. We were in deep prayer for spiritual guidance.

Several ministers were consulted for guidance. These ministers included Reverend Dr. Clark Houston, an Interim Pastor Specialist; Reverend Fleet, an experienced Pastor and wise man of the cloth; Dr. John McCoy, President of the Washington Baptist Seminary; Reverend Dr. Randolph Fitzgerald, Dean of the Washington Baptist Seminary; Dr. Jamie Terrell, Vice-President of the Washington Baptist Seminary, and Reverend Dr. Willie Lawson, Pastor and Teacher of Mount Paran Baptist Church for 17 years. After consulting with these great men of God, we felt very confident about the path that Second Union should take.

On July 14, 2006, Deacon Norman Watts was voted to head up the Pulpit Selection Committee. They were to be responsible for conducting a search for a Pastor for Second Union Baptist Church. Deacon Watts was a Senior Deacon of Second Union. He accepted the responsibility to select seven members of the Pulpit Committee to oversee the process of choosing a new Pastor for Second Union. Deacon Watts was very knowledgeable of the Bible, had high spirits and a great interest in the concerns and welfare of the church and congregation. He helped the Deacon Board continue God’s services to the members right after the passing of Pastor Butts. Because of his experience, knowledge of church regulations; and God’s word, Deacon Watts was the perfect choice to oversee the Pulpit Selection Committee.

On October 13, 2006, during a Special Church Call Meeting, Deacon Nolton made a motion that Reverend William Harrison serve as Interim Pastor. The motion was carried and second unanimously. Reverend Lawrence Anderson explained the duties of an Interim Pastor to the congregation. Reverend Harrison made a heartfelt acceptance speech and joy abounded once again.

The church again experienced some changes. Some members resigned from their auxiliary posts and others totally left the church. But God is truly good because we were now on the path that God chose for us. The work of the church was progressing harmoniously and at a steady pace. Reverend Harrison, Deacon Earl Nolton, Deacon Board, and Reverend Anderson all worked for the greater good of the church.

We thank God for leading and providing us with wisdom, courage, and understanding and the ability to endure. “To God Be the Glory.”

On Wednesday, November 29, 2006, Deacon Norman Watts met with the Pulpit Selection Committee at Second Union. He charged and informed them of their duties. Members selected were: Willie Mae Pollock (Nurse), Annie Dillard (Deaconess/Trustee), John Boatwright (Deacon), Glover Gamble (Nurse), Stephanie Culver (Church Secretary), Ronald Jackson (Trustee Chairman), and Sister Shirley L. Brown.

The committee was given an envelope packet from Deacon Watts with suggested guidelines, procedures, and principles from a manual for Pastors Search Committee entitled, “After the Pastor Leaves, When Another Comes,” by J. William Harbin. Deacon Watts left the meeting having given the committee their duty to complete. Shirley Brown was voted as Chairperson and Stephanie Culver, Secretary. The committee held hands, formed a prayer circle, and prayed for complete guidance and God’s continued presence. The meeting was adjourned with another meeting date set for 12/6/06.

On December 6, 2006, all Pulpit Selection Committee Members were present. They set rules for themselves:

1.  A covenant through prayer was made between the seven members and God, to keep the business right, in order, and pleasing to Him.

2.  A discussion was held as to how to accomplish their task.

3.  A questionnaire from Chairman Brown was distributed to determine how and where to begin their tasks.

4.  A criterion for our Pastor was agreed upon.

5.  They put their minds and hearts together honestly, prayerfully, and used common sense.

Applications were prepared by the Secretary to be sent to inquiring ministers.

Three resumes were received but applications from SUBC needed to be completed and returned to the committee. Applications were sent out by certified mail with a self-address stamp envelope to each of the inquiries. Only one application was returned. Nine other calls were received, and applications were sent via certified mail to each. No further response was received. Some wanted to know the salary or if moving expenses were available. Most inquiries were from Virginia.

The committee all agreed on the criteria for our Pastor should be one with a shepherd’s heart. One who will do all he can to protect the sheep (meaning us). Gently, and patiently, guiding them safely. Teaching and preaching God’s word, keeping lives correct with scripture in God’s sight. One who had humility, and Christian brotherly love. One who was prayerful, faithful, dependable, and respectful to all age.

On April 3, 2006, the committee met with Reverend Harrison to interview him and discuss concerns. After the interview, we realized we had such a shepherd in Reverend William Harrison. Every question or concern the committee had, Reverend Harrison answered with confidence and Great Spirit.

The Pulpit Selection Committee Members and Reverend Harrison closed the interview/meeting being of one accord with joy and relief.

On April 22, 2007, the Pulpit Selection Committee met with the Joint Board after the Sunday Morning Church Service. The committee’s findings were presented. The report was accepted and all members were of one accord. The committees’ findings were then presented to the church body on May 4, 2007.

On Friday, May 4, 2007, a special Church Call Meeting was scheduled. The report from the Pulpit Selection Committee was read and accepted by the members present with glad hearts and minds. The report was motioned, second, accepted, and carried that Reverend William Harrison would be our new Pastor. The vote was unanimous.

Reverend Harrison made his Acceptance Speech and extended a heartfelt thank you to the Pulpit Selection Committee. Reverend Harrison’s first act as Pastor was to appoint Reverend Lawrence Anderson, Sr. as Assistant to the Pastor.

                                  REVEREND WILLIAM HARRISON

On Friday, October 13, 2006, the Church held a Special Call Meeting for the purpose of discussing Reverend William Harrison consideration as Interim Pastor of Second Union Baptist Church. He was voted in unanimously by church members present.

Rev. Harrison thanked the officers and members for their vote of confidence they reposed in him for the position of Interim Pastor. Also, he thanked them for their trust in his ability to oversee the Administration of the Church’s affairs and Spiritual well being until a permanent Pastor could be elected and installed. As his first official act, he appointed Reverend Lawrence E. Anderson, Sr. as Assistant to Pastor. Secondly, he implemented a Historical Committee for the purpose of conducting research pertaining to our church’s real history. Sister Patricia Gore was appointed Historian and charged with the responsibility of documenting all information discussed and researched by the Historical Committee members. Thirdly, Rev. Harrison appointed Brother Ronald Jackson as Acting Chairperson of the Trustee Board and Sister Patricia Gore as Treasurer.

On November 29, 2007, Rev. Harrison met with members of the Deacon Board to share with them concerns in regards to the need to re-organize the Trustee Board since the month of December 2006 was the end of officers’ terms for Trustee Board members. They agreed. As a result, Rev. Harrison prepared an official letter on official church letterhead dated November 30, 2006 thanking Sister Gladys Mack for her service as Chair of the Trustee Board over the past two years. Also, he presented Deaconess Alta Wilson with a letter of thanks for services rendered as Treasurer for previous years. All Auxiliary Ministries, officer’s positions were also declared vacate and new officers were elected to include the Deacon and Deaconess Boards.

In January 2008, after much prayer, Reverend William Harrison was led to select a new Church Theme: “Letting go of the Old and Clinging to the New”. The purpose of the new theme was to assist the members with closure as a result of our late Pastor, Reverend Doctor James Butts passing on June 1, 2006, and to heal the departure of a few members that left. Vision 2007 was implemented for the purpose of encouraging members to donate to assist with renovation expenses for the downstairs bathrooms, Fellowship Hall and Dining area. This vision was given by GOD to beautify his house on the basement level. On January 14, 2007, the church hosted its Annual Installation of Officers pursuant to the regular tradition over previous years.

February of 2007, Second Union Baptist Church experienced a milestone in the history of our church. We celebrated our 56th Church Anniversary on February 21, 2007 thru February 23, 2007. The Church Anniversary Banquet was held on Sunday, February 25, 2007 at the Capitol Skyline Inn. The guest speaker for the banquet was Second Union’s very own, Pastor S. Maxine Johnson of Redeeming Word of Life Church.

April 25, 26 & 27, 2007, the Women’s Ministry hosted its first ever, Spring Revival which was a tremendous success. Reverend Loraine Gary of the Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Atlanta, GA. was the guest speaker.

May 16, 17, & 18, 2007, the church hosted its regular Spring Revival which was also successful based on attendance and the outstanding sermons that were preached by visiting Pastors. This revived the members again so that we could run the race with patience and determination a little while longer.


                                     REVEREND WILLIAM HARRISON

On May 4, 2007, the church held a Special Call Meeting for the purpose of hearing the members of the Pulpit Selection Committee Report and recommendation for Pastor. Reverend Harrison excused himself from the meeting for the presentation of the report. Upon returning, Deacon Norman Watts who was appointed Overseer of the Pulpit Selection Committee officially informed Rev. Harrison that the church members unanimously elected him as Pastor of Second Union Baptist Church. He thanked the members for their confidence and vote and gave a brief speech to spiritually encourage all present. Deacon in-training, John Boatwright was appointed as his official Armor Bearer. He was also, appointed as chair of thee Sick Committee. Since his appointments he has performed his duties well.

On June 3, 2007, Reverend W. W. Flood, 92 years of age, Pastor of Southeast Tabernacle Baptist Church of Southeast, Washington, DC delivered the Annual Friends and Family Day Message. The highlight for the month of June was the Pastor’s Pre-Installation Services for Rev. Harrison which commenced on June 6, 7 & 8, 2007. On Sunday, June 10, 2007, the Installation Service was held which packed the church to maximum capacity with members, family, friends and visitors alike who attended for the purpose of witnessing this great occasion in the life of our church.

A moving Sermon was delivered by the Reverend Doctor Randolph Fitzgerald of Iconium Baptist Church of Capitol Heights, Maryland. His inspirational sermon was entitled Power for One Hour”. We can truly say that the presence of the Lord was in our church on this day.

During the month of July 2007, Deaconess Shirley Brown hosted Vacation Bible School for our children. Although, there were not many children in attendance, Deaconess Brown reports that she and her staff truly enjoyed the kids. Thanks go out to her and her staff for a job well done. Also, during this month, the church hosted its Annual Picnic on the church’s front lawn for the first time. It was chaired by Sister Mattie Callahan. Expression of Appreciation also, goes out to her as well for a job well done.

The month of August 2007 was designated as Vacation month for the Pastor. However, since Rev. Harrison was recently elected and installed as Pastor and knowing that the church had important business that needed his attention, First Lady, Deaconess Judy F. Harrison and Rev. Harrison did not go on vacation. Our “Noon Day Prayer Service” has been a Blessing under the leadership of Deaconess Annie Dillard and her assistant, Deacon John Boatwright.

In September 2007, our church had its “First Annual Fellowship Service of Brothers in-Christ Forever” in Wilmington, NC with Mount Roney Missionary Baptist Church under the Pastorate of Reverend Willie R. Powell. Rev. Harrison preached the word and a good time and fellowship was had by all who went to Wilmington.

The Fellowship Hall and downstairs bathrooms were renovated between September and November of 2007. Very special thanks to Brother Ronald Jackson, Chairman of the Trustee Board, Trustee Thelma Johnson, Deacon John Boatwright, Brother John Taylor, and others who worked on the Fellowship Hall Renovation Committee. They have done a marvelous job and saved our church a lot of money. We thank GOD for them.

Most of the Ministries that were in place under the Administration of Pastor James Butts are still in place today. We extend a special thank you to Trustee Monique Brown who stepped in and continued the Youth Ministry and the Liturgical Ministry. She has really blessed this church with her talent and dedication. We also thank Reverend Lawrence Anderson, Assistant to the Pastor, for his instruction and direction during New Member’s Class Training.

October was designated as Pastor’s Appreciation Month. A special thanks to the members for all of their cards, prayers and support. November 2007 was primarily observed as the month to give thanks for the many blessings GOD has bestowed upon each of us and to share Thanksgiving Day with family members, friends and others. The highlight for the month of November was the “Thanksgiving Baskets” that our church gave to needy families. This outreach effort was chaired by Minister Virginia Valentine. Thanks go out to Minister Valentine for a job well done. The auxiliary gave away over 125 turkeys to families on behalf of our church.

Every year at Thanksgiving, Second Union donates Turkey and Baskets to needy families in the community.

2009 – Reverend Charles T. Riley became an Associate Minister at Second Union.

2010 - Chairman Deacon Norman Watts went home to glory and Deacon John Boatwright was appointed the new Chairman of the Deacon Board.

2011 - October 2011, Reverend Harrison changed the church theme to, “Behold, I Will Do a New Thing”, Isaiah 43:19 in response to God blessing Second Union with an increase.

Rev. Harrison scheduled Minister Eric Jones to preach his Initial Sermon. Afterwards, the church members present voted to license him to “Preach the Gospel.” He was later appointed Youth Minister by rev. Harrison.

Rev. Charles T. Riley became Pastor of 1st Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Inc. of Fort Washington, Maryland.

Renovations – New Carpet installed and Handicap Ramp was built.

Historical increase in membership – 18 Baptisms; 28 New Members; 18 Re-dedications.

 2012 – Reverend Lawrence Anderson, Assistant to the Pastor, Minister Virginia Valentine, Associate Minister, and Trustee Joyce Hines went home to be with the Lord.

Reverend Harrison received his Doctorate in Theology on April 15, 2012, and earned the official title of Reverend Dr. William Harrison, Pastor. He was presented with his doctorial robe during the 5th Pastoral Anniversary Celebration.

Renovations – Glass Doors to the Sanctuary and new chairs for Fellowship Hall

Historical increase in membership for the 2nd year – 3 Baby Dedications; 11 Baptisms;

55 New Members and 98 Re-dedications.

As each of us have truly been Blessed by GOD to enter the month of February 2013, we simply say to GOD on behalf of his Sheep at this Branch of Zion, Hallelujah and thank you JESUS for bestowing all these manifold “Blessings” upon us that we’ve been praying for.




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